• How to judge if the pre-filter need to be replace

When the numbers of digital screen>50%, the yellow light will turns on. It shows that the extraction power not strong, the filter cloth and the pre-filter need to be replaced.

  • Replace instruction

1. Replace the filter cloth(optional items) first. The filter cloth is used to filter large particles of dust.

2. If the yellow light is still on, replace the pre-filter.

3. Replace the Pre-filter




1. Open the upper front door

2. Use an Allen key to loosen the screw

3. Pull the Pre-filter out




4. Install new Pre-filter

5.Tight the screw clockwise

6. Lock the door


  1. After you install it the new Pre-filter, please arrange all three layers of filter neatly.
  2. Please confirm whether the screws are tightened


4. If the yellow light still on after replacing the Pre-filter, then please replace the Main-filter. 

The Gas filter mainly removes harmful gases such as TVOC in the air, and the replacement cycle is different according to the degree of environmental pollution. It is generally recommended to replace the main filter at the same time; if the dust-free workshop has a low TVOC concentration, the replacement cycle can be extended.


  • Recommended replacement time:


3 months




12 months