Introducing how to cut acrylic more smoothly

Today we’re going to talk about how to improve your cut smoothness when you’re cutting acrylic and encounter a cut that isn’t smooth.

For an even weaker blowing effect, it is recommended to use it with the 6mm nozzle in the toolbox.


For this tip we are divided into three control groups

1. Laser tube:80W glass tube

Blowing Intensity:Strong

Speed: 6mm/s


Due to the effects of strong blowing We can see that the cut surface is not smooth and there are blow marks.


2. Laser tube:80W glass tube

Blowing Intensity:Week

Speed: 6mm/s


When we use weak blowing and slow speed cutting As we can see the cutting surface is very smooth and clear.


3. Laser tube:80W glass tube

Blowing Intensity:Week

Speed: 10mm/s


When we cut faster, the results are affected by mechanical accuracy and material properties.

As we can see, the cut is still relatively smooth but there is a slight imperfection due to the faster speeds.

By slowing down and reducing blowing, you can cut smooth acrylic!