roblem description:

LCD panel shows the following information:


1.The door with sensor not close

Our machine has sensors for door protection, we've installed 5 door sensors totally. 2 mounted at top flap, 1 mounted at the front door, 1 mounted at the left-up side door, 1 mounted at laser tube cover.


Please close all of them before starts to work.

2. The door sensor is not working

Each door sensor is being detected by a door sensor checking board. This board is installed in the right side door for nova35, 51, 63 or left side door for nova24. 

About door sensor checking board interface description:

1: 24V DC Voltage Power Input             7: spare interface of Signal Input

2: Signal Input for door sensor of S5     8: Signal Input for door sensor of S3

3: Spare interface of Signal Input           9: Signal Input for door sensor of S2 

4: Signal Input for door sensor of S7    10: Signal Input for door sensor of S1 

5: spare interface of Signal Input          11: Signal Output,where signal to controller board

6: “Maintenance” button                  12:Spare interface of Signal Output 

Each interface has a LED light to indicate the status, the yellow light for interface of signal input will be on while door sensor with same label is closed,once all doors with sensors installed are closed,the red light for signal output will be on and then send the signal to controller board.

Please find the door sensor checking board,then check status of yellow light for interface of signal input,the light will be off if door sensor is not working.

Find the corresponding position of door sensor according to the wire label.

Order:  S1= left side of top flap, S2 = right side of the top flap , S3= the front door, S5 = laser tube cover, S7 = left-up side door.

image.pngIf your machine was produced before September 2019, the door sensor checking board is not installed                          on your machine. Please check the machine according to this link.

Alarm message of LCD panel--Machine protected(Old type sensor) · Yuque

(1) The connector of door sensor is loose


Please check if the connector for corresponding position of door sensor is loose or not. Below picture is for reference.

(2) Poor contact between the actuator and the sensor or door sensor faulty


Please adjust the position of the actuator or sensor to align them. If the position is fine and the yellow light is still off from the checking board, this door sensor should be bad. Please contact 

3. The wires of DrProc and GND on CN2 is loose from controller board

The wires of DrProc and GND on CN2 is loose from controller board.


Please check and confirm they are tight.