Warranty Requirements-Laser tube

Warranty Requirements-Laser tube

Please follow our requirements strictly!

Problem description

Please describe your problem to us and provide a video or photo. That's can help us to judge the issue easily.

Video or photo must show the problem clearly. 

If you don't know how to display it by video, you can please contact us: tech@thunderlaser.com , we'll help you to judge. 

Warranty stuff

1. Requirements-before warranty

Please give below info before we judge the issue

1). Laser tube label

Please note the photo must show the label clearly.


Please take a video like below, the video must show the label and number on the metal head clearly. 

2). Purchased date

If the the laser tube is came with the machine, please give us the serial number of your machine. 

If you purchased the laser tube from us separately, please tell us when you purchased it and the invoice number. 

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

2. Requirements-after warranty

After team Thunderlaser warranty this tube, please arrange below info.


Break the glass tube, put the metal head and the label together to take a picture


The number on metal head and the label must be clearly.

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