Laser engraving tips-How to hold down warped material

Laser engraving tips-How to hold down warped material

1. When the engraved material is uneven

As we work, we are likely to encounter uneven material, which will affect our cutting and engraving results

In the case of uneven material:

The effect of our engraving may be inconsistent in depth, which is the result of a change in focal length

So we use a magnet or a heavy object to flatten the material so that when we engrave it, its focus will not change because 

of the unevenness of the material.

2. When the object is irregularly shaped

When we encounter elliptical objects they usually cannot be placed directly on the honeycomb board for engraving.

So we need to find or make a bracket for it to hold the engraving and ensure that it works.

Then we can get the engraving effect we want!

They are a tight fit and you have to be careful so you don’t bend the honeycomb bed. What’s also nice about them is 

that if you do have bent fins on your bed, they will straighten them out.

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