How to setup my Nova laser cutter

How to setup my Nova laser cutter

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    • Laser cutter's LCD panel in Chinese

      If your laser cutter’s LCD panel is in Chinese, how to solve it? 1. click “Z/U” button 2. select “语言设置”and then press “Enter” to confirm 3. select “英文”and press “Enter” to confirm Now it’s in English.  Below video is for reference.   End.
    • Nova Series User's Manual

      Please see attached: END
    • Laser cutter has a wrong cutting/engraving size

      Reason: Wrong pulse setting of X/Y axis motors Solution: 1. Please draw a 100x100mm square using the cut mode and send to your laser cutter and cut the square. 2. Let’s say the actual size of the square measured is 98x95mm 3. In RDWorks, go File(F)>> ...
    • How to setup wireless network connection for Thunderlaser machine

      Here's what you'll need: A computer with wireless capability A wireless router An Ethernet cable A Thunder laser system Step: 1. router setup Use the Ethernet cable to connect the wireless router to the Ethernet port on your laser system. Connect the ...
    • Introduction of parts in Tool box that comes with Thunder Laser Cutter

      Introduction of parts in Tool box that come with Thunder Laser system Nova series 1.Focus ruler 2.Lens opener 3.Lens cleaner and clean cloth 4.6mm Nozzle 5.Magnets 6.Lubricating oil 7.X/Y Limit switch 8.Allen driver 9.Clamp 10.Sspare belt 11.Pocket ...