Cutting problem-- Some point of the same piece of materials cannot be cut through

Cutting problem-- Some point of the same piece of materials cannot be cut through


1. The needed focus is lost

  • Wrong focus length  

For standard laser head(2" lens), the focus length is 6mm, 4 inch laser head, the focus length is 10mm.

0.0039″(0.099mm)4.5mm~6.5mmCutting material less than 10mm, Engraving photos within 500 DPI
0.0039″(0.099mm)9.0mm~11mmCutting material more than 10 mm


Set correct focus length.

  • Bending of material or uneven working table

The bending of the material or the uneven working table can result in different focal lengths, especially for the large cutting graphic.


Please fix the material with magnet and check if the working table are the same height.

If it's needed, calibrate working table according to the link below.

How to calibrate the working table to level

2. The focus lens and reflective mirror are dirty or damaged



If the focus lens and reflective mirror are dirty or damaged, also will affect the cutting effect.


Clean lens and all reflective mirrors and check if they are in good condition. 

How to clean the optical parts, below link  is for reference.

This video is come from our old customer Robert Kofoed

3. The laser beam path is not aligned


Laser beam path adjust video

  • Mirror alignment

When the laser head move to four corners of the working table, check if the laser beam lasers to the same position on the third reflective mirror.

  • Vertical alignment 

When the laser head moves to four corners of the working table, check if the laser beam can vertically go through the 10mm acrylic.



Please check laser beam path according to the video below.

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