Camera Calibration for Thunder Bolt

Camera Calibration for Thunder Bolt

How to import Camera Correction File 

Every Thunder Bolt has a camera and also have a calibration file. Directly import the calibration file and the camera can be used.

How to calibrate the camera

Tools needed:

A 3mm plywood of 400X300mm;
Some magnets;
Need to print a circle pattern image of Lightburn and a calibration inspection file. (You can find the relevant files in the attachment);
Calibrate in a well-lit area.(This will affect the score during the calibration process.)

Specific steps:

1. Connect the machine.
Make sure use PC cable to connect the machine and the computer.

2. Put the plywood on the platform and fasten the plywood with magnets.
Make sure the plywood is level and the magnets do not exceed 4mm.
Please refer to this picture for the position of the board and the laser head.

3.After moving the laser head to the position of the picture above, please click the Origin button on the touch panel.

4.Use the auto focus function on the touch panel to focus.

5.Take off the camera cover.

6. Adjust the sharpness of the camera.
Put a piece of printed paper on the plywood for adjustment. Then open the built-in camera function of the computer on the computer side.
If not, you can use the AMCAP2a software.It is in the Calibration file for camera folder of the U disk that your machine comes with.

7. Rotate the gear counterclockwise to loosen it a bit.

8. Close the top cover and adjust the sharpness of the camera by rotating.

In order to ensure that the camera sharpness is adjusted to the best, it is recommended to use such an adjustment method.
The door cover opens about 15°-20°, so that there is a place to reach in to adjust.

9.Adjust until the picture is clear, and you also can see the words on the paper clearly. Turn the gear clockwise to fix the camera.

10. Before performing this step, please make sure your machine has been added to Lightburn's device list.
Select the device to be calibrated.

11.Laser Tools > Calibrate Camera Lens .

12.CameraLeft/KS5A2361 > Fisheye Lens > Next .

13.Open the top cover of the machine. 

① Follow the prompts to place the circle pattern image in the corresponding position of the real-time captured screen; 
② Uncheck Honecomb check enabled;
③ Capture;
④ Check that the score is less than or equal to 1.0 and the calibration inspection file in the capture picture is clear;
⑤ Next;
Place the circle pattern image according to Lightburn's prompt.

If the score is less than or equal to 0.10, it proves that this picture is good, please click Next button. 

If the score is greater than 0.10, you need to re-Capture.

At the same time ,make sure the circle pattern image in the capture picture is clear.If not,please re-capture.

Schematic diagram of each location,please refer.
Main center:

Bottom center:

Center left:

Center right:

Upper center:

Bottom of right corner:

Bottom left corner:

Upper left corner:

Upper right corner:

15.Complete calibration and click Finish.

16.Camera Alignment Wizard > Choose CameraLeft > Next.

17. Close the Top cover.

① Fill in the relevant parameters;
For Thunder Bolt, please refer to the following parameters:
Fill Speed : 100; Fill Power : 15; Line Speed : 500; Line Power : 20; Scale : 139;Using Air Assist.
② Frame(Check the laser head for collision);
③ Click start button in Lightburn;
④ The laser head will engrave the Sample Image on the pylwood.


19.Click Capture Image > Click Next.

20.Zoom in the circle corresponding to the code according to Lightburn's prompt, and click on the center of the circle to mark it.

21.Referring to this pictures, zoom in on the center of the circle, click on the center of the circle and a red cross will appear.

Make sure the cross is aligned by zooming in and out of the picture.

22.After clicking the four points, please check again to make sure they are all correctly clicked in the center of the circle > Click Next 
     > back to the main interface of the software.

23.Click the Auto Exposure and Auto Brightness > Click Update Overlay to take real-time image.

24.Check whether there is any deformation on both sides of the photographed plywood,
      and make sure that the plywood captured by the camera is not deformed.

If there is deformation, it proves that the calibration has failed and needs to be re-calibrated, please return to STEP 9.

25.Verify that the camera is calibrated correctly.
Place the calibration inspection file on the plywood and place one of the circles in the center of the work platform.
Must to make sure the paper is flat, you can use a magnet to flatten it.

26.Click Update Overlay > Enlarge on the corresponding point > Use the positioning function to locate the corresponding place.

27.On the touch panel Menu > Alignment.

28.Set the Power to 15% > Uncheck Pulse time > Click Pulse once.

Pulse result:

29.Please check pulse results. If the point shot is within the black point, it proves that the camera calibration is successful.
If it exceeds the black point, it proves that the camera calibration failed and needs to be re-calibrated, please return to STEP 9.


30.Repeat STEP25-29, move the paper to the upper left corner, upper right corner, bottom left corner and bottom right corner for pulse inspection.
Make sure the center and 4 corners of the pulse results are all within the first circle.

Top left corner:

Top right corner:

Bottle left corner:

Bottle right corner:

31.If the pulse results of the center is within the black point and 4 corners are all within the first circle, the camera calibration is successful!



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